Ma Story

Written on Cheshvan 3, 5781

I am a future (as of writing; may it be soon) convert. I was born from an intermarriage. I have confirmed this article to not include lashon hara btw :) Anyway, when I was a caca baby (as I call it; an age in my life from birth to a couple years ago), my family had instilled purely secular values, which lead to immorality (really that only applied to me). Moral relativism, lack of general respect, lashon hara, EXTREME hatred of Torah values, and general wickedness were commonplace among us (get it cuz it s a popular game hahah). Every single Noahide law (*maybe* not the animal cruelty one) was broken (I'm serious). Tons of idols scattered in basically every room of the house.

In a somewhat Avram-similar fashion, I kinda discovered G-d. To this day, I'm not sure how, but I did. Through the course of a year, I became a baal teshuvah much to my father's disliking. Several years ago I would routinely commit many immoral acts, to no rebuking, but now (barukh Hashem) I have became good.