Should One Attribute Motivation to Hashem?

Written on Cheshvan 7, 5781

Let's say that you're working on a project and you don't have much motivation to work in it right now. Suddenly, you get excited to continue the project. If you are humble, should you attribute this to Hashem? Yes. From where is this learned? Hashem mixed up the generation of the dispersal's langauge (by removing their memory of lashon hakodesh [bonus about this later]). Another place where this is learned is this article:


Thus one who is happy upon recieving excitement to work on a project (like me working on this article, B"H) should thank Hashem.


While I was writing about how the generation of the dispersal forgot Lashon Hakodesh, I realized the following: Lashon Hakodesh, being the "Holy Tongue", was forgotten by the generation of the dispersal due to two reasons (note: point #2 may not be true): 1: They were attempting to rebel againts Hashem (which, learned from this chapter of Torah, will never work) and were foiled by Hashem himself, stopping them from rebelling. 2: Lashon Hakodesh is the holy language, and thus could not be spoken by such unworthy people. Similarly, Lashon Hakodesh had to be revived, because the Jews from a couple hundered years ago were not worthy of speaking it.