The Council of Guy Administration

December 9, 2021

This here is an illustrated form of one moment of an ongoing partially-enacted-partially-written-down story, which is about the [obviously fictional] Council of Guy Administration. This illustration shows the title, "The Council of Guy Administration," and the beginning to a duel between friends, Stringor and Ms. Cow.
Oh, here's the story:

The Story

Chapter 1

The scheduled duel (if you can call it that), not to the death. The rules are: No killing; Stringor must only use his string for combat (no other attacks); Ms. Cow wins if she can catch Stringor's string with her claws or her mouth; Stringor wins when Ms. Cow admits defeat, ceases "fighting," or walks off of the grass [of Huston Green Fields].
And why are they fighting? It's a form of gambling. Stringor and Ms. Cow live adjacent to each other. Whoever loses must set their property border back by seven meters.

STRINGOR: Hello, Cow, "Missus," whatever...
MS. COW: Sup.