Becoming A "Conspiracy Theorist"

December 10, 2021

At one point, I thought being an "anti-vaxxer" was a capital crime (even so much as violating THREE of the seven commandments for gentiles!). I actually did. As recently as August this year. Now I'm not convinced that vaccines are effective against "covid-19," or even that "covid-19" exists. I've gone crazy, insane, whatever. But I just don't remember seeing any conclusive evidence of either for those things. I'm the irrational one, daring to doubt the "experts," despite not seeing any reason to accept their claims. Now, I'm not 100% convinced that "covid-19" doesn't exist, but I don't believe that it does exist, either.
The reason I feel the desire to be "ashamed" of myself for doubting these tales is because almost everyone else accepts them, and those who don't are called names ("anti-vaxxers," "crazy conspiracy theorists," etc.) and ridiculed. But to say that something is true because most people believe in it is to use the argumentum ad populum fallacy.
If I see sufficient evidence that "covid-19" does exist, I will change my mind, but for the moment at least, I'll remain a crazy, anti-vaxxer, conspiracy theorist moron. Fine by me.

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