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CowState Index - FætyCow (Alternatively, FeetyCow)


According to classical Cacologist Mathis Frénque in his book "Classification of Common and Uncommon CowStates", "When a bose is lying in a curled position with one or more fæty located at a minimum of three inches away from its head, and both fætie's tips curled no less than one inch beyond the chin, the bose is in the FætyCow CowState." He continues, saying "Ordinarily, a bose in the FætyCow CowState has its head rotated upwards by approximately fourty-five degrees and is op (happy), though these are not necessities for a bose being classified as a bose in the FætyCow CowState."

Original Illustration

In the original book, Frénque also included illustrations for each CowState he discussed. The original illustration can be seen below.

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