May 10, 2022

So many people think all my ideas are crazy, wacky, insane conspiracy theories (a term created by the CIA). I mean, I think (just as examples):
That the "covid" virus doesn't exist;
That the "vaccines" have and will continue to injure and even kill thousands and thousands and thousands of people;
That one doesn't have to be a "doctor" or "scientist" to argue about "virology" and vaccines;
That it's a form of murder to kill an unborn baby 40 days after conception;
That it's immoral, against God, and against his plan for creation for a man to act and dress like a woman, to make himself look like one using drugs, and vice-versa;
That it's a death-penalty level crime (in a righteous court) for a man to have sex with another man;
That it's immoral for a man or woman to be in a sexual or "romantic" relationship with a member of the same sex;
That people are morally obligated, for the sake of upholding the goodness of one's community, and for justice, to know what others are doing in their bedrooms (with whom they're having sex);
That governments of any kind are immoral (although that doesn't make me against 100% community-ran courts and justice systems, which, I believe, are required in every community by the seven laws that God commanded to gentiles);
That global warming happens naturally alongside global cooling, as a part of a natural climate cycle which has nothing to do with humans;
That the Earth is actually cooling now continuously (it's at that part of the natural cycle);
That "human rights" don't exist, and that they're fictional;
That contorting and bending language to suit a horrible, evil ideology is immoral and against logical principles of being made in the image of God, which entails the ability of speech (like no animals, beyond some primitive forms of communication);
That God's standards are the only standard of morality, not just "personal religious beliefs" (calling them that would be a form of philosophical idolatry, placing God below something else in one's worldview);
And that picking and choosing what parts of Jewish tradition to accept because of what we already believe and want to believe is placing oneself above God, making oneself an idol (it's extremely arrogant as well);

As you can see, I'm an EVIL, NAZI, EXTREMIST LUNATIC!!! But yet I'm still in the right. Being in my position is like being in Avraham's position 3800 years ago. He was a Hebrew ("Ivri," in Hebrew), and that word, in Hebrew derives from the word "ever," which means "region beyond," or, perhaps more loosely, "from the other side." Avraham was on the "other" side of the river in Mesopotamia, but also in the realm of ideas and values. He stood for God and truth when nigh-no-one did. I'm not saying I'm a saint or a prophet or a super special person, but I think anyone who is on my side in this every-growing divide between truth and righteousness and lies and evil can take inspiration from Avraham.
That's all for tonight (and it's about 12:40 A.M.).