A Game I Am Making, CVZ 3

Page created Teves 25, 5781 (January 9, 2021)


About 4 years ago (when I was 9), I played a lot of Plants Vs. Zombies 2 (I believe it was my favorite game at the time). And being the fecal 9-year-old I was, I decided to make an IRL ("In Real Life") game based on PVZ2 (kinda). It was called Cats Vs. Zombies (because I like cats, moreso at the time). Instead of the five lanes in PVZ2 in each level, there was only one lane in which zombies (which I would physically play the role of) would come. You had to place various good items, and cats, to defend against those whom I shall call the "bad bois". There were such classics as the basic Foot Launcher (because I liked cat feet; yes, you throw decapitated cat feet at zombies) and the double foot launcher (Which throws two feet at a time), and many more. I am actually talking about the sequel to the first CVZ because the first one is likely lost to time... I haven't played this CVZ[2] game since 2018 (when I revived the game for one level or so; it had already been dead for a year), until about a week ago (approx. Teves 17, I think it was). I revived it for a second sequel (which, unlike PVZ after which this is based, is much, much better than the first two). I played it (I mean the first 2 levels; five levels had I planned initially) by myself (now my mom is involved in the game's developement) for a bit and then decided to make very detailed full worlds to the game and write basically everything about the game on my phone, much unlike the first two (CVZ 1 and 2). Currently the tutorol [sic] world (5 levels), the first major world (21 levels), and the second major world (26 levels) have I written down. I will (like PVZ2) occasionally add an "update" to the game that will include a new world. Anyway, the gameplay involves me slowly moving across the field while I use my hand to show projectiles hitting me. If I get too far, the player loses. Ocassionally, the player will onlock a new item or cat from completing a level. I will likely [not] post and embed example videos of certain aspects of the game.

The Story

(This story is basically just PVZ2's story, but with La Croix) A man (who is an alphamale, and thus his name is Alphamale) takes a very good sip of La Croix that was so good that he wants to go to the company that makes La Croix, and ask them to remake that sip. First he enlists a friend to fight the bad bois that have broken into his house and made it to his living room. Once he kills 'em all, they travel to Canada to attempt to get their La Croix. They must fight the Inuit bad bois there and then fight Mr. Dungbard, who is the king of the bad bois, in his eskimo leader form. Once he defeats him, he then travels to a beach, which is the next stop on their journey towards the National Beverage (the La Croix company) headquarters! Mr. Dungbard is there too, and he sends them a giant army of zombies, yet again. Alphamale, once he defeats this army, goes on to fight Mr. Dungbard yet again! MORE COMING SOON!

The Game

"Online version" 2.4 (update made on Av 19, 5781 [July 28, 2021]; I also do often make changes that do not warrant a new version number):

As taken from my iPhone notes app, after editing on a computer.
(By the way, every level has at least one major wave. At reasonable intervals, the levels progressively have more and more waves, up to, like, four or maybe five; a wave is a large group of zombies spawning one after the other, some of them may spawn at even faster intervals.):

Encyclopedia, available upon completion of Inuit Land.
Good items (represent them with objects preferbly) (you can choose to not use an upgrade for any particular unit in a level if you have purchased the upgrade):

the only items that are available at the start of a level are the foot launcher and freezer

(yes) foot launcher: the frequency at which you can place them is somewhat long, you can only place the second one after about the time it takes for the second bad boi in a level to die. the proper way to show the foot hitting the zombie is having your fist come close to the top of your ribcage and then turn the fist into an open hand while it is about to hit the zombie.

bomb (from four triangular magna tiles): it does 35 feet of damage. has foot launcher's recharge speed times 2. After the level begins, you must wait half of Foot Launcher's recharge time before using it. it takes 10 seconds to arm

double foot lancher: launches two feet at a time. takes 2 times recharge of FL. this is shown by having both your hands do what i described above.

returning foot launcher (hits a maximum of 5 bad bois and comes back): takes 2 times recharge of FL. this is shown by having your hand, palm facing leg, hit the area a bit below your buttock area, and then come back and do it again, the opposite direction. this does 1.5 times the dps of a regular FL

mega foot laucher: will only be ready to use by the final wave of a level but lauches 5 times the projectiles: this, and any other quantities of feet hitting a zombie at a time, is represented by doing the same thing mentioned for the double FL, but alternating your hands, until five feet have hit a zombie; do this each foot launching cycle. it dies very quickly from coldness and dies slowly even when covered by blanket. it can only be placed in the closest third of the level to the zombie spawn point.

squid: has only 1 unit of range but does 13 damage. can be represented by anything really, but preferably an object with a bunch of "tentacles" that all attack a zombie at a time. he has 1.75 times FL's recharge.

freezer: it explodes on contact and slows (freezes non-inuits for a very brief period as well) all bad bois in a small area. great for earmuff bois. 1.2 times FL's recharge.

blanket: represented by a small towel (like a hand-drying towel): covers a good boi to keep it warm: lasts for a decent period of time. takes a long time to recharge.

bowl of cereal (if you actually use cereal, dont use milk; this item can be represented by any food item that takes 7 bites): takes a long time for a bad boi to eat it (can take seven bites), acts as a shield. in the inuit world, only use when there is an immediate threat, because it gets destroyed instantly with the bad boi's revenge. it has 2 times a foot launcher's recharging speed

insta-bomb: does a third damage of a regular bomb (which insta kills a blanket boi) so can only insta kill basic bois. same recharge as regular bomb.

slowing foot launcher: foot launcher that slows bad bois (they move at 30% normal speed). costs (cost means how long its recharge is) 2.25 times a regular FL. its not cold, so it doesnt counter the earmuff bois

Scratching Cat: preferably represented by a hand-drying towel that is layed out and that zombies step on. it is a cat that scratches all zombies who walk on it. it does 7 feet of damage in total to a zombie that has walked on it and has 1.25 times a FL's recharge. it does 21 feet of damage to a slowed zombie. it does about 1.75 feet of damage each second a zombie is on it, and will also do much more damage if a Cereal Bowl is directly after it, 3 times even that quantity if the zombie is slowed while eating. if it has recharged while one is still out, you can place the new one on the old one to double its damage.

Peeing Cat: An instant-use cat that is represented by a spray bottle that is at its "laser" (or at the opposite, more on that later) setting and the trigger is pulled all the way. while (and a bit after) the beam of pee is hitting the zombie, the zombie is stunned and moved three small steps backwards. this also deals 3 feet of damage to a zombie. its recharge is 1.5 times an FL's recharge. you can also choose to use it with a spray setting when placing it, where it 6 feet of damage (with splash damage), and makes all zombies in a very small area get stunned for 1 second and take 1 small step backwards.

Catnip: another instant-use item that you can place on any cat good boi (like an FL, but not a bomb or the like) (except Squid) and that good boi will perform much better (3 times better for 6 seconds). it has 2 times the recharge of an FL. it can also be used on Peeing Cat, but it will only add 3 damamge to it. for a double foot launcher, it only makes its damage 5. for the mega foot laucnher, it adds an extra 2 feet of damage to the 5. it only adds 5 damage to a poop scoop cat, and causes it to instantly attack

Poop Scoop Cat: a cat that will launch a large clump of poop covered in litter, being launched by a cat holding a poop scoop (the poop hitting the zombie is shown with both hands "entangled" and then hitting the zombie while theyre separating). this attack is launched every 18 seconds and does 22 feet of damage. it has 1.75 times an FL's recharge.

Cat Tree: place this on the same space as a (sentient, cat) good boi, and the good boi will be twice as efficient. it has three times an FL's recharge time. it can only be placed in the closest two thirds of the field to the zombies. for the double foot launcher, it only adds 1 extra foot of damage. for the mega foot launcher, it adds an extra 1 foot of damage to the 5. Its recharge time is 2.5 times a Foot Launcher's recharge time. it adds only 10 damage to the poop scoop cat

Hissing Cat: it has 2.5 times FL's recharge time and will hiss whenever a zombie is almost touching it. the zombie will take two somewhat small steps back, and the hissing cat will do this two times.

Multi-Target Bomb: this mine will do 15 damage to each of two zombies that trigger it. it has the same arming time as the regular bomb. its recharge time is the same as the regular bomb. it has 2 times FL's recharge time.

bad bois:

basic boi (has 12 feet of health)

one with jacket

one with blanket

bomb boi : after a bit, throws a bomb at the closest good boi, removes half health of adjacent good boi)

inuit boi: basic boi but visually different. he wears a small blue blanket.

fur coat boi: he is the jacket boi but visually different. he has a fur coat instead.

cozy boi: he wears the small blue blanket, a fur coat, and mittens. he has the same health as the regular blanket boi from world 1. he wears his blanket a but more tightly than the basic inuit

earmuff boi: he has very high health (36 feet of health) and often comes in swarms, but use a cold attack or effect on him and he'll die.

ice eater: he eats a block of ice (preferrably not represented by real ice) after a bit and becomes much faster (because of sensitive teeth). he moves faster after eating the ice the colder the current period is. if it is the extreme cold (in a Weather Extremes level) he will move very fast, and eat most things instantly, and he eats a good boi and a blanet at the same time. when in the Weather Extremes cold period, he takes two bites at a time from the cereal bowl.

shaman boi: wears a small blue blanket and holds a stick. he has 15 feet of health and will often restore 32 feet of health to a zombie (although not past an enemy's normal health). he moves very slow.

Igaluk: wears fur coat and scarf: Highest health enemy encounter so far. he moves somewhat slow and destroys good bois by swinging his scarf. he is a hunter (and the moon!) who is not affected by the temperature changes quite as much. basically a despicable juggernaut (having 7 times a basic boi's health, meaning it can tank two regular bombs!). in Vengeance! levels Igaluk also can take 2 revenges (each dealing 42 feet of damage). after 1 he'll lose his fur coat.

Mr. Dungbard Angakkuq: Mr. Dungbard's first appearance and he spawns bad bois and has highest health in the game (along with all other Mr. Dungbard encounters). he wears the red blanket and the colorful towel. he also controls the weather period from the five temperatures seen in this world (regular temperatures and the ones in Weather Extremes). he stands to the side and spawns bad bois, and can only be hit when there are no bad bois. he has about 10 times a basic boi's health. he occasionally walks toward the first good boi and kills it. sometimes he leaps onto a good boi, killing it, and not being very vulnerable to damage. his weaknesses are the squids and returning FLs.

Beach Dude: reskin of basic boi, he wears swim trunks.

Beach Towel Dude: reskin of jacket boi, he wears swim trunks and is wearing a white towel.

Swimmer Dude: reskin of blanket boi (but he moves faster when the tide is high). wears goggles around his neck and swim trunks

Sexy Beach Dude: looks the same as Swimmer Dude, but wears a white towel. he has 5 times a basic bois's health (which equals 48 feet of health). in bobux levels, he has Igaluk's health.

Lifegaurd boi: holds a lifesaver and revives back to full health any bad bois that die in front of him. After 3 revivals he runs away (to save someone drowning) and does not come back (unless there are more of them in the level). He has 30 feet of health.

Sand Digger Boi: a child who walks pretty quickly (2 times basic boi speed) and when he approaches the closest good boi, will dig a hole where the good boi is and the good boi will die. the space where the hole is can never have good bois placed on it for the rest of the level. he has 30 feet of health and walks at normal speed once he uses his shovel (he also loses his shovel after the first 2 uses). the hole is preferably represented by a small hand towel, different from the representation of the Scratching Cat. it takes him only one dig.

Sea Monster Boi: jumps out of the water in high tide or the seaweed. he crawls (foot launchers and variants dont attack it while crawling) to the nearest good boi and gets up on his legs. he then keeps going forward. he has 42 feet of health. he wears a green towel. you can substitute this for a towel of a similar color.

Sun Tanner Boi: carries a towel at all times in one hand and once he reaches halfway across the field, he will drop his towel down and lay down for a bit. when he gets up he will have 56 feet of extra health. he enters the field with only 25 feet of health, and can have a maximum of 86 feet of health, almost Igaluk's health. He starts with only 25 feet of health.

Hippie Zombie: he wears any sort of simple hippie clothes. he moves extremely slowly and has his arms up usually. he makes all good bois be 3 times less effective when he is "alive". he has 28 feet of health

Waterbender Boi: wears a blue shirt. he's holding a wad of water (represented by a small blue blanket). once he's about half way through he'll land it after making it into a sheet of water onto the good boi area, and eventually will take it away. has the health of a blanket boi and if he gets a bit less than halfway across, he'll use his ability. if you kill him before he takes away the water, the water stays.

Mr. Dungbard in the form of Poseidon: same as previous world, but spawns all bois from this world. he also controls the gimmics of this world instead of the previous world. eventually he throws down a sheet of seaweed, only to get tangled in it when he is defeated.

Bobux Emporium:

After you clear a level once, you can return to the level and optionally play the level again with a special condition. Clearing this special level will give you one Bobux. You can buy various things with Bobux. Levels 17 (although level 17 only adds 6 feet of health to each zombie in the special condition version) and onward of Inuit Land only adds 12 feet of health to each enemy, instead of doubling their health. Levels 19 and onward of Beach Land also only add 8 feet of health to all zombies. Level 21 of Inuit Land does not have this special condition level. The condition for the special levels is: all bad bois have twice their normal health. Also, zombies spawn a bit less quickly in these special levels. The information on these paid levels is right below the list of Inuit Land levels. You can show THIS list of items in the Bobux Shop to the player.

first world: "Living Room":
the player must choose 5 or less units per level. this applies in all worlds.
level 1: only basic boi. drops the bomb item
level 2: basic and jacket bois. drops the double foot launcher
level 3: basic and blanket bois. drops the returning foot lancher
level 4: basic, jacket and blanket bois. drops the mega foot launcher
level 5: basic, jacket, blanket, and bomb bois. drops squid. gives access to Inuit Land
world ends

second world: "Inuit Land":
first world gimmic: periods of average, blizzard, and warm temperature. the blizzard one makes enemies go slower, but slowly kills good bois. warm period: enemies go faster and very slowly heals good bois.
second gimmic: at various intervals (first level this appears in is level 5) some inuit bois the player killed will come back for revenge and the first good boi will be destroyed (this only happens at each major zombie wave). when the revenge time comes, some bonus projectiles will be thrown at the enemies if a good boi previously died. 3 projectiles for each dead good boi (only if the good boi was an attacker).
this world's first special minigame: "Vengeance!": every 10 seconds or so, a good boi gets destroyed by an animal getting revenge. bad bois get killed by vengeance more often as well. to make it fair, good bois can be produced twice as often. first Vengeance! level: 3
second minigame: "Weather Extremes": there are two temperatures: extreme cold, and very warm. extreme cold: bad bois move extremely slowly, good bois die fairly quickly. very warm: good bois heal very quickly and have a higher health cap. bad bois move extremely fast. first Weather Extremes level: 6
level 1: basic inuits only
level 2: basic and fur coat ones
level 3: Vengeance! with basic and fur coat bois. drops the freezer
level 4: basic, fur coat, and cozy bois
level 5: basic, fur coat, and cozy bois (first level with the revenge mechanic)
level 6: Weather Extremes with basic and fur coat bois. drops the blanket
level 7: basic and earmuff boi. drops the world map, which lets you play levels you already completed
level 8: Basic, fur coat, cozy, and earmuff bois
level 9: Vengeance! with basic, fur coat, cozy, and earmuff bois
level 10: MASSIVE ATTACK: basic, fur coat, cozy, earmuff bois. DROPS THE CEREAL BOWL
MR. Dungbard says: "Hey, I'm Mr. Dungbard! Wahwhahahh! I see that you 'alphamale' have decided to get some tasteless orange juice alternative, at the potential cost of your life! Before I was conservative on sending my army, but not any longer! Choose to leave, live. Choose to fight, die!"

level 11: Weather Extremes with all bois met so far
level 12: basic, fur coat, earmuff, and ice eaters
level 13: Vengeance! with all bois met so far
level 14: all bois met so far
level 15: Vengeance! AND Weather Extremes with all bois met so far. this level features a lot of ice eaters. drops the insta-bomb
level 16: all bois met so far and shaman
level 17: Planned Attack (you must plan your defenses from 800 dollars, which is the minimum money req. to purchase 8 FLs; you cannot interact with the level after you set up your defense) with fur coat, cozy, earmuff, and shaman bois
level 18: all bois seen so far plus Igaluk (there are three of them in the level, and they all appear as the last three enemies in the level). drops the slowing foot launcher
level 19: Vengeance! with all bois seen so far except earmuff boi
level 20: MASSIVE ATTACK: Vengeance! AND Weather Extremes with all bois seen so far
Mr. Dungbard: "I misjudged you thinking you would cowardly concede, but no, you instead continued to chase this drink, finding it more important than your own life! Well, your life is indeed less valueable than a stupid mediocre drink! I am going to be merciless this time. Your chance of survival: effectively zero percent! Please concede lest you die the most foolish death in history. Ha! A man dying all for a mediocre drink!"

level 21: Mr. Dungbard Angakkuq, who spawns all bois sen so far. you are now allowed to go to the next world; gives acces to the encyclopedia which lets you see information on good and bad bois; gives access to the Inuit endless mode option in the Bobux Emporium, Inuit Land Endless.
DIALOGUE (before the level):
Mr. Dungbard: "I... Am... Speechless... Well, your stupid decapitated cat feet will have NO effect on me!"
after the level: "This is very amusing, but yet equally terrifying... PLEASE CONCEDE!!!"
world end

Third World: "Beach Land":
this world has 26 levels.
First minigame: "Sadstorm": a sandstorm is constantly happening, that quickly kills good bois and slowly kills bad bois.
Second minigame: "Heavy Waves": a large wave will ocassionally destroy several good bois or bad bois (more rarely). it is like vengance but several bois at a time die and they are chosen randomly. the good bois that die must all be in a continuous group.
Minor world gimmic (gimmic 0.5): occassionally, seaweed (represented by a green blanket) will appear at a random location on which good bois cannot br placed, and bad bois will move much faster on them. they can be of varying size. they exist permanently, and cannot be destroyed. they also appear in more diffcult arrangements the later the level is. zombies walk over seaweed instantly, spending almost no time on them, making seaweed a more significant threat.
Gimmic 1: sandstorms: ocassionally there is a heavy sandstorm that quickly kills the first good boi (it also kills the blanket separately) and makes zombies slower and does 2 feet of damage to zombies.
Gimmic 2: hot sand: occasionally, the sand becomes hot, somewhat quickly killing the farthest (from the zombie spawn point) good boi, and it does high (3 feet) damage to bad bois.
Third world gimmic: occasionally the tide will change to either completely down or completely covering the majority of the field. slows bad bois (except the swimmer and diver). all good bois placed on the water will die.
There will be 5(?) special condition levels (like making the middle of the path the zombies' goal, and such).
DIALOGUE: Mr. Dungbard: "I BEG OF YOU TO STOP NOW! DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR LIFE FOR A MEDIOCRE DRINK! PLEASE! THIS WILL ONLY LEAD TO YOUR OWN DEMISE! Your chances of survival are lowering continuously! Please... Just..... Stop!"
AlphaMale: "Nah, Imma keep going after this La Croix. I mean, it tastes pretty good..."
Level 1: Basic and towel beach dudes, and seaweed.
Level 2: Same as level 1 but with swimmer zombies.
Level 3: Sadstorm with all bois seen so far. drops the scratching cat
Level 4: all bois seen so far with sandstorm and sexy beach dude
Level 5: Heavy Waves with all bois seen so far
Level 6: Now hot sand periods appear in levels. all bois seen so far. drops the peeing cat
Level 7: All bois seen so far plus lifegaurd.
Level 8: Sadstorm with all bois seen so far. drops the catnip
Level 9: High tide now appears. All bois seen so far.
Level 10: MASSIVE ATTACK: Sadstorm, with all bois seen so far plus sand digger. drops the poop scoop cat
DIALOGUE after level: Mr. Dungbard: "PLEASE! I will pay you 100 bobux if you listen! All you must do is surrender!"
Alphamale: "Nah."
Mr. Dungbard: "Well I wasn't going to pay you the bobux anyway! Ha!"
Level 11: Heavy waves with all bois seen so far
Level 12: all bois seen so far, the goal location for the zombies is now half its previous distance from the zombie entryway.
Level 13: Sea monster appears with all bois seen so far. drops the cat tree
Level 14: all bois seen so far. you cannot let any good boi die from a zombie(and cannot use instant-use items except for the basic bomb)
Level 15: Sadstorm and Heavy Waves with all bois seen so far
Level 16: sun tanner and all bois seen so far
Level 17: you cannot have more than 3 good bois at a time (including instant use items), seaweed covers half the field. all bois seen so far. drops the hissing cat
Level 18: Sadstorm with all bois seen so far
Level 19: Heavy waves with all bois seen so far plus hippie
Level 20: MASSIVE ATTACK: Sadstorm and Heavy waves with all bois seen so far. seaweed covers the latter 2/3 of the field.
Level 21: all bois seen so far, must not use instant use units. also it is night-time, represented by all lights being turned off. this is preferably done at sundown. this is a purely visual effect. the first enemy is a basic zombie, making it posible without a freezer, which is not allowed in this level. drops the double-target bomb
Level 22: Sadstorm with all bois seen so far plus waterbender. seaweed covers the latter 2/3 of the field.
Level 23: all bois seen so far, you cannot let any good bois die from a zombie
Level 24: Sadstorm with all bois seen so far.
Level 25: MASSIVE ATTACK: Sadstorm and Heavy waves with all bois seen so far. you cannot let a zombie destroy a good boi. seaweed covers the latter 2/3 of the field.
Level 26: Mr. Dungbard as Poseidon

Before level: Mr. Dungbard: "STOP!!! JUST PL- JUS- You JUST WON'T QUIT!"
Alphamale: "Quitting is for losers."
After level: Mr. Dungbard: "I feel that I held back... Next time I will be merciless!"
Alphamale: "Don't you say that every time?"
Mr. Dungbard: "..... yes....."

World-Specific Endless Modes (costs 1 bobux per world):

The player may use all good bois they have unlocked, but only five types at a time. The game-master is in control of what enemies appear in a level, what minigame if any, the world-specific gimmics, how many major waves of bad bois (up to 5), and when enemies spawn (not too many as a rule of thumb). They player may choose to play in a mode where your good units will stay on the field between levels, allowing you to build up larger and larger defenses. despite the five unit type cap, you can change your deck of units between levels, and the previous good bois that may not be in the current deck will still be there. Most of these rules at least apply for all world-specific endless modes.

Bonus Levels:

Minigame 1 (called "Fast and Furious"): Costs 2 Bobux: Purchasable upon completing level 12 of Inuit Land: Basic Inuit, Fur Coat, Cozy, Earmuff, and Ice Eaters appear here. In this level all bad bois are much faster and eat good bois instantly. Ice eater is extremely fast and barely even stops to eat a good boi. The player may use all good bois they have unlocked.

Minigame 2 (called "Instant-Use Assistant"): Costs 3 Bobux: Purchasable upon completing level 16 of Inuit Land: Basic Inuit, Fur Coat, Cozy, Earmuff, Ice Eater, and Shamans appear in this level. They spawn at a reasonable pace, and the player can only use instant-use good bois, like Bomb, Freezer, and Insta-Bomb. The player can also use the Cereal Bowl. The player may not use instant-use units that are unlocked after Inuit Land.

Minigame 3 (called "Get Igaluk-y"): Costs 3 Bobux: Purchasable upon completing level 18 of Inuit Land: Only Igaluk appears here. The player may use all good bois they have unlocked.

Minigame 4 (Inuit Land's level in the Planned Attack Expansion Set): Costs 4 Bobux: Purchasable upon completing level 18 of Inuit Land: Fur Coat, Cozy, Earmuff, Ice Eater, Shamans, and Igaluk appear in this level. This level works the same as level 17 of Inuit Land, but the player has $1000 instead of $800 (and also of course, Igaluk appears here too). The player may use all good bois they have unlocked. Also, in this level, there are both warm and average temperatures. The same level but with different gimmics and enemies are what the other Planned Attack Expansion Set levels are. the price of a unit is their recharge time
The player may also choose to enter "freeplay mode" where they can choose any amount of starting money. Completing the level in freeplay mode does not count as a level completion.

Minigame 5 (called "Nonideal Wheel of Ordeal"): Costs 4 Bobux: Purchasable upon completion of level 18 of Inuit Land. The level starts with a double foot launcher out. Click THIS link to spin the Nonideal Wheel of Ordeal! If the wheel chooses a zombie, the zombie will spawn. If the wheel chooses a good boi, the player can place it anywhere. If the wheel chooses the "Vengeance Against Zombie", the farthest zombie will instantly die from revenge. If the vengeance against a good unit is chosen, the same will happen, but with a good unit. After the wheel has chosen something, its item on the wheel will be removed. Once all items have been removed, the game is won.

Minigame 6 (called "Roles Reversed"): Costs 3 bobux: the player is now in control of spawning zombies from the world the level is in, while the game-master (the one who plays the zombies) is the one who spawns good bois from the world the level is in (also, the good bois that are unlocked in Living Room may be seen in every world). The zombies' costs are: Basic Zombie (has a half-FL recharge time, is available on level start; all zombies that are variants of previous zombies have the same price as their initial variant), Jacket Zombie (has 1 times FL recharge), Blanket Zombie (1.5 times FL recharge), Bomb Zombie (1 times recharge of regular FL), Earmuff Zombie (1.5 times recharge of FL), Ice Eater (1 recharge of FL), Igaluk (same recharge as Mega Foot Launcher), Sexy Beach Dude Zombie (5 times Foot Launcher's recharge time), Lifegaurd (Double Foot Launcher's recharge time), Sand Digger Zombie (2.5 times Foot Launcher's recharge time), Sea Monster Zombie (same recharge as Double Foot Launcher), Sun Tanner Zombie (same recharge as sexy beach dude), Hippie Zombie (3.75 times Foot Launcher's recharge time), and Waterbender zombie (same recharge time as Mega Foot Launcher). The only zombie available on the level's start is the Basic Zombie. Finally, the player must abide by the rule of thumb to "play reasonably".

Minigame 7 (called "Peace Treaty"): Costs 3 bobux: All Beach Land enemies appear, but the peace effect is constant. All Beach Land Gimmics appear.

Minigame 8 (called "Peaceless Piss"): Costs 3 bobux: All Beach Land enemies appear, but the player can only use the Peeing Cat to damage enemies, and its recharge time is 6 seconds. All Beach Land Gimmics appear.

Minigame 9 (called "Tough Bois"): Costs 3 bobux: Basic, Towel, and Swimmer zombies appear, but their health is multiplied by 3.

Minigame 10 (called "Safety Hazard"): Costs 2 bobux: All Beach Land enemies except for Sand Digger appear, and a bomb is placed 3 spaces away from the enemy entry point. The bomb must not be activiated. All Beach Land Gimmics appear.

Minigame 11 (called "Beach Sandbox"): Costs 3 bobux: A standard Beach Land level with all [Beach Land] gimmics and enemies appearing, but there is no limit on how many units the player may choose, and the level lasts for 5 waves.

Minigame 12 (called "Scarcity!"): Costs 2 bobux: Basic, Towel, Swimmer, and Sexy. All Beach Land gimmics appear, but the player may only choose 2 units. The first enemy is a basic zombie, allowing the player to not choose the freezer.

Execution Chamber Game Mode:
Select a zombie you have encountered already, and watch as it dies in an interesting way. Levels completed only add 2-3 deaths in the Execution Chamber if they have been cleared after the game mode has been unlocked. The player also starts with 2 imprisoned zombies when they unlock this game mode (basic zombie and jacket zombie). Clearing a level will give you 2-3 randomly picked enemies that are in the level you played. Zombies will mostly die from feet hitting them. Before unlocking Enhanced Execution, the player can only execute zombies with less than 25 feet of health. Before unlocking Further Enhanced Execution, the player cannot execute enemies with more than 36 feet of health. Suntanner zombie cannot be executed until both execution upgrades are unlocked. The more difficult the enemy is (in levels), the more interesting the deaths in this game mode will be


It is now (as of writing, obviously) January 1, 2021, and it's been, like, half a year since there has been an update to CVZ3 (besides some minor improvements of some of the text on this page, which I did today)... I'll probs add more someday...