Good Units

Foot Launcher: Alphamale picked up some random stray cat and in just a few months the cat became one of the most valued assets in the millitary world. It is still not known where Alphamale gets his cat feet. He does 1 damage per attack cycle, which we will call DPC (damamge per cycle). He is available at the start of a level.

Bomb: Alphamale bought a bunch of these on Ebay for a couple dollars. Most of them were defective. Does 35 feet of damage, which is how much health Blanket Zombie has, minus 1. It takes 10 seconds to arm and has 2 times Foot Launcher's recharge time. After the level begins, you must wait half of Foot Launcher's recharge time before using it.

Double Foot Launcher: Alphamale drafted his old pet cat to war. Double Foot Launcher loves the thrill of violence. He shoots 2 feet each attack cycle. He has twice Foot Launcher's recharge time.

Returning Foot Launcher: This is getting more and more ridiculous each new unit! He somehow has access to supposedly existing cat feet that return after hitting zombies! But seriously, I'm worried about where they get these cat feet.. He does 1.5 DPC and his projectile also hits the first five zombies. He has the same recharge time as Double Foot Launcher.

Mega Foot Launcher: Alphamale got a "very frisky" cat from the shelter that always wants to fight.. with projectiles of course! He does 5 DPC and can only be used at the final wave. It can only br placed in the farthest third of the field.

Squid: Sure, there really is a squid who can survive on land that fights for some random dude against ZOMBIES! Sure... He does approximately 5 DPC but only has 1 unit of range. He has 1.75 times Foot Launcher's recharge time. He does 13 damage to an unslowed enemy moving at average speed.

Freezer: Alphamale bought a device that slows all zombies down in a small area off Ebay. With a range of 4 units, this slows all zombies down by 70% for 15 seconds. It detonates on contact and has 1.2 times Foot Launcher's recharge time. It is available at the start of a level.

Blanket: Alphamale found a blanket he slept in as a baby and uses it to protect his cats from vengeance and coldness. You can place this on any good unit to protect it from coldness and revenge. For revenge, it will disappear once vengeance is used on it. It cannot be moved until it is destroyed. It has no recharge time.

Bowl of Cereal: Alphamale is pulling a truly chad move by using CEREAL to protect from zombies. It can take 7 bites from zombies. It has 1.5 times Foot Launcher's recharge time.

Insta-Bomb: Guess where Alphamale got this... Eba- Walmart. They sell bombs at his local Walmart. It does 12 feet of damage and detonates instantly. It has the regukar Bomb's recharge time.

Slowing Foot Launcher: Alphamale, we are dying to know where you got all this stuff! Please tell us (he won't)! This is the same as the regular Foot Launcher, but slows zombies by 70%. It also has 2.25 times the regular Foot Launcher's recharge time.

Scratching Cat: Alphamale bought a bunch of cats off of Ebay. One of em just loves to scratch people.. or zombies. It scratches all zombies that walk on it. It has 2 times Foot Launcher's recharge time. It does about 1.75 feet of damage each second to a zombie that is on it. Its damamge is greatly increased if the zombie is slowed. If it has recharged while one still survived, you can optionally place the new one on the old one to double their damage, but take up only one space.

Peeing Cat: Alphamale's personal favorite is this one, who pees all the time, allways outside the litterbox.. It is an instant-use cat that can either be used in a pee "laser" or pee spray mode. The laser mode stuns a zombie and it will also move 2 small steps back. This deals 3 feet of damage. The spray setting will do 6 feet of damage, stun for 1 second, and make zombies move 1 small step backwards. THe spray setting effects all zombies within 1 unit of range. Its recharge is 1.5 times a Foot Launcher's recharge time.

Catnip: Alphamale pulls another chad move by using catnip to make his cats work more effeciently! This is an instant-use item that affects onky sentient, cat units and makes 1 cat of your choice work 3 times more efficiently for 6 seconds. Its effect is limited for Mega Foot Launchers and Double Foot Launchers.

Poop Scoop Cat: One of Alphamale's cats learned how to pick things up and decided to use this ability for yielding the mighty poop scoop! Every 18 seconds this cat will throw a large litter-covered poop at a zombie that deals 22 feet of damage. It has 1.75 times the recharge time of Foot Launcher.

Cat Tree: Cats are frisky around cat trees, so why not use them to invigorate wartime cat soldiers! This item can be placed on any single cat, and (besides the Double Foot Launcher and Mega Foot Launcher, whose effects are less enhanced) will make them work 2 times as efficiently. It can only be placed in the closest two thirds of the field to the zombies. Its recharge time is 2.5 times a Foot Launcher's recharge time.

Hissing Cat: He's normally super nice, but to defend his master, he must resort to meanness. It has 2.5 times Foot Launcher's recharge time and will hiss whenever a zombie is almost touching it, causing the zombie to take 2 somewhat small steps back. This ability activates twice.

Multi-Target Bomb: You can probably guess where Alphamale got this one. Costco. This is a bomb that takes 8 seconds to activate, and will deal 15 feet of damage to two each of two zombies who activate it. It has 2 times Foot Launcher's recharge time.


Basic Zombie: He came to the scene straight from Plants Vs. Zombies... Not really... He has 12 feet of health.

Jacket Zombie: He bought some drip. He has 24 feet of health.

Blanket Zombie: He got a blanket from Walmart... The very same Walmart that sells bombs! He has 36 feet of health.

Bomb Zombie: He went with his friend Blanket Zombie to Walmart to get a bomb. He has 12 feet of health, and throws a bomb at the nearest good unit, killing it. This also removes half the health of an adjacent good unit.

Basic Inuit: Not much to say... He's just a pretty shy and boring person... He is the same as Basic Zombie.

Fur Coat Zombie: He bought some eskimo drip. He is the same as Jacket Zombie.

Cozy Zombie: He is a hedonist who loves to persue coziness. He has succeeded in obtaining coziness. He is the same as Blanket Zombie.

Earmuff Zombie: He has cold intolerance but is so poor he can only afford earmuffs. He has 36 feet of health, but will instantly die if a Freezer is used on him.

Ice Eater Zombie: He has horrible dental health so when he eats an ice cube (I don't know why he does) he runs due to pain. After a short while of being on the field, he will eat his ice-cube. He will then move very fast and eat things very quickly (the colder the temperature, the faster he moves). He has 12 feet of health.

Shaman Zombie: He is a master in healing, but yet cannot heal himself. He has 15 feet of health and moves exremely slowly, often healing zombies close to him by 32 feet of health. He does not raise a zombie's health past their default health.

Igaluk: He is literally THE UNDEAD MOON descended on the earth to try to destroy a random dude who wants La Croix. Pretty epic. He is pretty slow and will instantly destroy a good unit by hitting it. He has 84 feet of health.

Mr. Dungbard Angakkuq: Mr. Dungbard became a Canadian Inuit leader for a bit, just to stop Alphamale from getting his La Croix! I don't know why he cares. He has 120 feet of health AND IS VERY BIG MEANI!!11!

Beach Dude: He actually LIVES on the beach! He lives a miserable life. He is the same as Basic Zombie.

Beach Towel Dude: He comes to the beach pretty often. That's the only interesting thing about him. He's also stupid. He is the same as Jacket Zombie.

Swimmer Dude: He learned to swim by trial and error, and many deaths and reincarnations later, he has finally "mastered" it. He is the same as Blanket Zombie.

Sexy Beach Dude: He's pretty dope, I guess. He has 5 times the health of a Basic Zombie, totaling in 60 feet of health.

Lifegaurd Zombie: He used to be a professional gambler, and sometimes brings his gambling-themed lifesaver to work. The dice and cards on it are fading so he uses it more rarely now. He has 30 feet of health and will revive up to 3 zombies that die in front of him, bringing them back to full health.

Sand Digger Zombie: He's had cooties in school since kindergarten! It's been 2 years since and people are still afraid of him! He is 2 times faster than Basic Zombie, and will run toward the nearest 2 good units and dig a hole where they are, making that area uninhabitable for good units for the rest of the level. He has 25 feet of health.

Sea Monster Zombie: He never grew out of hide-and-seek, but people never find him, so he gets mad, jumps out, and attacks people violently. He has 42 feet of health, and jumps out and crawls (such that he cannot be attacked by the cats) toward the nearest good unit, and stands up, finally being vulnerable. He then goes forward, usually eating several cats.

Sun Tanner Zombie: He bought some lotion off of Z-bay that allows him to build very thick skin from sunbathing. No women find this attractive. He drops a towel down eventually, and will gain a lot of health when sunbathing (56 feet), so should be much preferably killed before he lies down. He starts with only 25 feet of health.

Hippie Zombie: He is a STUPID LIBTRAD!!11 He has 28 feet of health and makes all good units 3 times less effective when alive, with his strong sentiment of peace. He is also extremely slow.

Waterbender Zombie: He learned how to make water obey his will, but water still won't be his friend. He has the health of Blanket Zombie, and will eventually throw water on the latter half of the field, killing most good units usually. Later, he will pick his water up, allowing good units to be placed there again. If he dies before he does this, the water will forever stay during the level, and you will most likely lose.

Mr. Dungbard In the Form of Poseidon: Mr. Dungbard is back, and revealed himself to be Poseidon! That's kinda cool. He is mostly the same as the previous Mr. Dungbard encounter, but he changes the gimmics of this world, and spawns this world's zombies.