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The Torah's Flood Story Was Not Impossible

Written on an iPhone and edited on a school Chromebook; published on Kislev 23, 5781

This article does not prove that the flood happened; for that, you'll need to be proven how the Torah is divine (there are many great videos that do). This article is intended for those who would "believe" in the Torah's divinity if not for the seemingly impossible nature of the flood story. This article merely attempts to show that it is possible.

"No Geological Evidence" Does Not Disprove The Flood:
Science is always expanding and discovering Torah knowledge scientifically. 70 years ago, most scientists didn't even know that the universe had a beginning(!). It would be like me saying that the US wasn't founded in 1776 because there is no geological evidence (maybe they'll even find some in the future). There are other ways that knowledge can be aquired. How else can we know that Noach's ark did exist? If we prove that the Torah is true, we can know that Noach's ark existed. Science can only prove what we do have, not what we don't have. Many, many times has science advanced, leaving things thought not true proven. For example, once scientists all agreed that the world had no beggining. Then they eventually proved the Torah's view that the world did begin. And how could the countless flood stories that almost every ancient culture had be explained? Lastly, even if there is absolutely no evidence if the flood even waiting to be found (probably not the case), it could just be said that G-d wants to give us the choice of trusting in him, or trusting in flawed science.
Edit made on Teves 22, 5781: this is also an argument from ignorance, and even if there was no evidence to be found (as I explained above), it would be a non-sequitur to say that it is false.

The Flood Story "Sounding Absurd" Does Not Disprove It:
So of course one man did not do all this by himself (I agree that this could 100% not happen without miracles). G-d performed many miracles to assist in the process, like bringing the animals to Noach. To say that it sounding weird is a reason to believe that it did not happen is like me saying that the state of Israel was not founded, because it sounds absurd. (By the way, it would be idolizing Noach to assume that he did this without miracles. Obviously G-d helped him.) Also, ( even if it would be impossible to fit all the animals into the ark, a miracle was done and there was more space inside the ark.
Edit made on Teves 22, 5781: this is an argument from incredulity, assuming something is wrong because you cannot believe it, or because it sounds absurd.

But anyway, I'm going to go off now believing that the state of Israel does not exist because there is no geological evidence of it, and it sound absurd...