Disorders and Free-Will

Written on Tishrei 6, 5782

Recently I encountered a Reddit post with many commenters describing having a "meltdown" (another made-up autistic word [well, a made up definition of a word], more on those in an upcoming article) with wording as if having a "meltdown" can possibly remove one's free-will to avoid violence and evil in general. Here are some examples of these comments:
"Frustration causing physical effects such as sweating and heavy breathing that then blow up into a screaming, almost scared reaction."
"Its like having your entire processing system shut down sometimes having fight or flight panic take over. Either way im not in complete control and its very embarrasing and distressing"

The Torah says we have free-will, and at all times. These comments are from people who "idolize" autism (more on that in an upcoming article) to the point where any evil "caused" by it is "not their responsibility". This also extends to people who have Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Antisocial Personality Disorder, etc. And it extends to those who claim to be born homosexuals (like claiming to be born an adulterer).