An Expression Of Gratitude

January 23, 2022

I often forget how much God gives me, kinda like how I forget how important the air I breathe is. I often get very entangled in the world (as I think a wise person should) and its affairs, that I forget about the source of it all, God, who is only in the back of my mind, in my unconscious memory, in these times. The fact that God (the true God) exists has been known to me for about a year and nine months, so now it's hard to be "amazed" by it. There being an incorporeal Master over all who knows all has become mundane to me. But I can still be grateful for all that he gives me (and he gives me so much that I can never hope to praise him for everything individually).
So, here are some things I am grateful to the ultimate Governor, God, for:
He's given me 14 years and two months of life so far, evidence that he exists, food (much of it delectable), water (and other beverages), air to breathe, happiness (quite a lot of that!), knowledge of the seven laws and of my purpose in the world, interesting people to interact with, nice people to interact with, evil people to interact with, this website, a phone, computers, wonderful music to listen to, a pretty good house, challenges in life, help to see the falsehood of the "covid-19" story, the resources and knowledge to recently start exercising and weight-lifting, help to see the evil of the governments, general wisdom, the idea to write this post, and, finally, help (just a couple days ago) to see the falsehood in the "Bostrom equation" and the simulation hypothesis (things that seemed to be the next "threat" to my acceptance of God).
And that's just a tiny, tiny portion of what the ultimate Master, God, has given me...