G-d Does Not Let Bad Things Happen: The Holocaust

"'For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,' says Hashem.", Yeshayahu 55:8

Written from Cheshvan 17 to *article not finished yet, so no final date*, 5781


I was speaking with a min/kofer about how bad things do not happen. I asked him to give me an example of a bad thing. Of course, he mentioned the Holocaust. I was unable to, without any research, instantly tell him how it was not a bad event (though Hitler and the nazis, of cursed memory, were indeed bad and are still in Gehinom to this day). I will be trying to list the main reasons for which the Holocaust was important for Moshiach, and not bad. Of course, we can never fully comprehend how the Holocaust is good, for his thoughts "are not my thoughts," and his ways "are not my ways." I have two cats that we have to keep inside at night because there are many coyotes close to our home and the cats could very easily (chas veshalom) die. They are always really sad that they cannot go outside, for they do not know about the coyotes. Similarly, us humans cannot comprehend why """""bad""""" things happen, but if they did not happen, things that truly are bad would instead befall us. How can we explain to the cats (who don't have language) why they can't go outside? How can G-d (not that he is incapable of doing it [rather, he knows we would better not know], chas veshalom) show us why it would be truly bad if the Holocaust never happened? This article is not meant for minim/koferim (even though it was a min/kofer who caused me to begin writing this article), because they don't """""believe""""" in other basic Torah concepts that are fundamental for understanding this article. The purpose of this article is primarily to outline what the Holocaust accomplished to prepare for Moshiach (also, I kinda just wanted to make this article for fun). Maybe (almost no chance though, chas veshalom) this article will deflate some idiot's arrogance, so he stops thinking that he is smarter and more just than G-d. If you think that you are better than G-d, you should probably stop reading this article and do teshuvah. I will probably make this into a series about these types of """""bad""""" things; I might call it "G-d Does Not Let Bad Things Happen." While I was working on this article, I accidentally pressed a couple keys on my keyboard and saved the document after deleting the whole paragraph above. I pressed the undo keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Z),and Barukh Hashem, it worked, and my work was recovered. Barukh atah adonai eloheinu melekh haolam hatov vemeimiv Say "Amein!"

Section 1: If Israel Does Not Repent

There is a statement in the Talmud that says that G-d will raise a king with similar decrees to Haman (Hitler, cursed be his name)[1]. At the time of the Holocaust, most Jews were secular and abandoned his Torah (which is fine, as long as you don't know the Torah [and you must make an attempt to learn Torah]; if you do know the Torah and intentionally rebel, you are sinning), which leads always to tragedy [2], and G-d wanted them to do teshuvah. He "blew the shofar" by bringing tragedies (the likes of which have not been seen, until the tragic year of 5780 [when the Coronavirus came to being]) to the Jews, hoping that they would repent [3]. That did not work and most Jews did not do teshuvah. As of the current decade (the 5780's) G-d has begun the second attempt at getting Jews to repent, like the Holocaust. This has only just begun, so there is a lot more to come from this decade. Anyway, going back to the Holocaust, that was approximately when the secular Jewish movements began getting popular, such as the reform (which mostly got going in Germany), reconstructionist, and pure secular movements. The wicked Jews in Germany were also one of the direct causes of the Holocaust, by hosting homosexual bars and charging too much interest (both, ironically, forbidden by the Torah). Hitler hated the Jews for this, and that was one of his many reasons for the Holocaust, thereby showing directly how two of Israel's sins were a partial cause of the Holocaust.

Section 2: Pain As A Purifier Before Olam Haba