The Lady or the Tiger Ending

Page created on Adar 12, 5781

A project for english class

The young man, whose name is Jack, looked for what seemed like a minute, waiting for a signal to the correct door. But what is the correct door? If the tiger is chosen, the princess, whose name is Meri, will go to hell for murder, though she never considers this fact. If the lady is chosen, their relationship will end, though Jack never considers this fact. Meri finally decides. Having no thought whatsoever of dying, Jack opens the door he was directed towards. He sees the tiger and dies an agonizing death, assuming that Meri was mistaken. She was not. She initially did not have very much remorse because her reason for choosing the tiger was that she wished to see Jack in Heaven. But after seeing him die, looking at her so confused, she began mourning. She could not stop feeling guilty, even after a week had passed. Her guilt only increased after a week had passed. She layed in bed for 15 minutes one night 8 days after Jack's death, with dizzying guilt, with no way of alleviating the deserved trauma. She knew that she could have prevented the whole dilemma by having him flee the country for a while. She thought she might get in trouble for that, and thus decided she would lead Jack to the door with the lady, but changed her mind at the last second. Two years later, her guilt only returns when she thinks about it, but when she does, it's even stronger than before. One day, now three years after Jack's death, she stood against a third-storey balcony railing, which, unbeknownst to her, was already breaking. She leaned with far too much weight, and the railing suddenly burst; she fell onto a sharp gargoyle and died an agonizing death, her soul departing 20 seconds after her landing. She found herself in a waiting room, everything a dull white color. There was absolutely nothing interesting to look at in the room, so she looked at the shape of the chairs, in an unsuccessful attempt to obtain a morsel of interestingness. There were 11 other people in the room, with her being the last, each person called in about five minutes after the one before. A bit more than an hour later, she finally got called in, 40 minutes after her failed attempt to fall asleep. She was greeted by a man whose name tag said Bob. Bob informed her that she had committed a murder and thus merited hell. Apparently, after a long conversation revealed, Bob was an angel who was a clerk to hell. She was directed towards an unlabeled door, with a paper that said "F6, 1Y", which she was supposed to hand to a guard. The guard led her to the door to floor 6, where she would be for a year. She opened the door a tiny bit and saw unimaginable pain. She stepped hesitantly in, and the door locked behind her, and the suffering commenced. There was nothing she could do but cry, which was in vain. "G-d is just!", she proclaimed many times. After a year of indescribable justice her sin of murder was finally cleansed, and she was ready to exit. An angel named Phillip came in and called her name. She came forth and was escorted out, so amazed by the lack of suffering, which she had never gotten used to, into a waiting room, which was a similar dull white room as the one which led to hell. This one, however, was rather more worn, in need of renovation. Another difference was the lack of fear or guilt and the positive feeling which the room provided. She was not bored, and this lack of boredom was not entirely caused by the lack of suffering which she endured for a year. There were eight people in the room with her, with two more introduced as the time went on. Every two minutes or so, another was called in. After 15 minutes, Meri was called. She was led down a long hall, which ended at another unlabeled door, from which a more intense positivity was emanated. She opened the door, an angel known as Silvia eagerly watching behind her. She saw Jack, whom she so desired after over four years of their separation. They danced so happily as they met up again, and finally she wholeheartedly repented to him for his murder. At last, this long lost lustful list of partners met and Meri married merry Jack! Extraordinarily revolutionary was this very contrary contemporary potentially scary post-January literary fairy tale! Thus is the end!