Even More About Autism: Failing To Live Consistently In The Image Of God

December 27, 2021

I have already written three articles (I mean "posts") about the "autism-sphere" (see this personal definition of "sphere" here), and yet here I am again. This one's about another negative thing I've noticed, related to this "autism-sphere." It also has to do with "living consistently in the image of God."
What do I mean by "living consistently in the image of God?" I mean: living a life while entirely using, to one's full potential, one's qualities of being made in the "image of God." What are these qualities? In my opinion, they are (but not limited to): 1: Being able to properly and rationally judge things (e.g. ideas, claims, actions, people, etc.); 2: Being able to speak, comprehend abstract ideas, and communicate abstract ideas; 3: Being able to "master" one's environment (that is: to be able to intelligently interact with one's environment and to be able to make/use technology to transform said environment to one's liking, such as building a house); 4: Intellect, beyond that of animals; and 5: The ability to act based on knowledge and wisdom, and not only on basic animalistic desires.
So, what does this have to do with the "autism-sphere" (and, kinda, just autism in general)? Well, one aspect of autism is that it can grant people extra animalistic desires (somewhat like how gender dysphoria [disorder] grants people the desire to view their creation as flawed). I have experience with an individual (I will not detail how I know them) who is autistic, and, on acount of that quality (it also might relate to ADHD), has desires to perform actions that are inconsistent with the image of God. This person is one who always acts on their animalistic desires that come of their autism (and maybe ADHD), and when someone always listens to their desires... they can't possibly be acting consistent in the image of God...
This is a very minor example of a failure of this person, but it's the example I'm going with here. You can just trust me that this person acts, in general, inconsistent with the image of God. So, this person appears very impatient, at very common intervals asking people when something ongoing will end, usually the person being asked obviously having no idea as to the answer. This seems like a failure to act based on knowledge and wisdom (it should be common sense and wisdom that the people being asked when these events will end have no idea), which I said is a quality of being in the image of God. This person usually acts on their pointless animalistic desire to leave the current situation, and to be impatient. Also, just in general, this person fails to apply knowledge and wisdom to actions, and I am fairly certain that they have the capacity to do so. They never seem to learn from mistakes or even learn much from experience at all.
So, how does this relate to the autism-sphere? This lack of living consistently in the image of God seems to me to be defended (implicitly) on autism-sphere websites. It's as if autism gives one the permit to act like an animal. (And, yes, it does seem to me like many autistic people [mostly children and very young adults, I think, though] act like animals. These people often don't restrain their animalistic desires. "That's so ableist and offensive!" I don't give a shit if it offends someone. It seems true to me, so I'll need some actual logic, not emotion, to convince me that almost no autistic people act like animals.) I've seen this with the whole "meltdown" bullshit (I've written about that some of my previous autism-related articles).
I see shit like:
"You spend 14 hours a day focusing on Super Mario 64? That's ok. It's just your 'special inte-' I mean... 'SpIn...' [which just stands for "special interest"]"
"You stole and destroyed someone else's property [a capital crime by the seven laws] and verbally insulted someone? It's ok. It was just a 'meltdown.'"
"You're crying and screaming because the 7-11 didn't have the exact brand of chips you wanted? It's ok. You're just autistic."
Anyway, I am autistic, and yet, based on my judgment, I do live consistently with the image of God. Although, when I was younger, many of these animalistic traits I see in that aforementioned person, I had as well (such as a similar impatience). I'm gonna judge that negatively (though, not very much, because I was a fuckin' child), because I think that was acting inconsistently with my being made in the image of God (which was still limited at the time, though, since I was a child; children aren't very wise or very able to properly and rationally judge things).