The Agonizing Endgame of Waiting For Moshiach

Written on Shevat 4, 5781

As shown many, many times in Matityahu Glazerson's wonderful Torah code videos, Redemption is likely set to happen between 5781 and 5782. Thus arises a new problem that previous generations were likely not subjected to: a more intense form of Moshiach eagerness. We have been in a very long dream that seems to never end, so when it appears that the waking moment is immenent, it is extremely surreal (to me at least). It has always been a principle of "faith" that we expect that Moshiach will come any day, but there have been literally millions of days where this applies. And it is said that Moshiach will come unexpectedly, so how is there no contradiction? Well, indeed we expect his arrival every day, but could you actually say "Moshiach will come today" on any random day? No, you are not sure of his arrival on any particular day. You do not expect his coming, rather you acknowledge that it is possible that any given day is the day of his arrival, but that he is still likely not going to arrive on that day. This current year is quite an upheaval of that paradigm, where one can finally say "Moshiach will arrive within several years." No longer is this an abstract hope for a magical far-off day that seems to be ever distant. This is a time of an actual concrete idea of when this once magical and far-off day will come. But now instead of waiting for Moshiach on the scale of centuries, we wait on the scale of weeks, where every day is another agonizing day before the end. Previously, every year was a small step, but now every day is a large step. So may Moshiach come now and may Hashem bless you!