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Nature Cat

Not to be confused with the television series by the same name.

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This is fiction, in case you didn't notice...

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The Story

Some place in the fine land of 'Murica lies a woman whose name is Nature Cat, who was named by a kind and humble pair of parents (though the naming of their first daughter may have been in poor taste...), one of whom, her mother, is dead. She arose on this dull day from her bed naked as she always sleeps, and put on her gown (she calls it a dress), produced specifically for those who find common clothing far too uncomfortable, and in a color that happened to match Nature Cat's strangely gray appearance (not to mention that it was also somewhat transparent), despite being only 23 years old. If ever it does tear, she will simply purchase a new one. She wore her right arm under the right strap, and as for the left strap, she left it unsupported. This was also the only garment she ever wore; she did not even wear anything under it either. Her dress straps were less than one centimeter wide, the dress had a wide carmen neckline which exposed a very large amount of her cleavage, and the dress ended at about her knees. Two years ago, she moved from her parents' house to her brother Theodore's, and they moved from there to a new house several months ago. It was very unpleasant living there for her, and she always mourned when Theodore (who certainly does not fit the nickname Ted) had to leave to go to his occupation. Similar to how sleeping for 24 hours is torture for the average person, staying home alone for Nature Cat was agonizingly boring, uneventful, and bleak, even if it was just for an hour. Staying here alone for her was akin to prison. There was also no food suitable for human consumption in the house so she was very weak and a bit fatigued. She was very sensitive and "bad" at "dealing with" unpleasantness. It was always said (though only by Theodore) as if she was somehow one to blame for being created to have a more difficult life, even though it was not at all her choice whether or not she could have average ability to cope with difficulties. Anyway, now it was 3:00, and she still had until 7:30 before her food-provider would arrive. She wept for the fourth time that day, about average by 3:00. She once tried having a job, but it was much too long a time to sit in agonizing boredom and general displeasure. Recently she had been using the computer (one that mostly Theodore used; they shared it) to learn about the seven Noachide laws. She had once been an atheist, and before that a Christian like her mother, father, brothers (of which she had two, the other named Max, who was generally much more caring than Theodore), and sister. Now she accepted the divinity of the '"Old" Testament', but none of the borderline idolatry (Christianity is forbidden for Jews, but not for gentiles) that is the 'New Testament'. She still wrongly believed that P'ru Urvu (the Jewish obligation to have chilrden) was a mitzvah for her, and she would love to escape the bleak, unholy land in which she currently resided. Obviously, having children involved having a partner (unless she wanted to adopt, and she did not), so she went to a Noachide "dating" website and located an individual whose name was very common; Jack. Scheduled for friday (three days from then) was her date with him. Until then was her life was... well, you know... Anyway, she undressed and took a nap, hoping Theodore would be back by the time she woke up, which was about 3:46... After she did wake, she wept again... At this point she felt physically sick. Several hours later: Theodore finally arrived and Nature Cat rushed over, followed by him saying "I'm quite sorry it takes me so long every day at work...", to which she responded "Ok...." Theodore was not a narcissist, and he did legitimately like Nature Cat, but he still refused to compensate for her disliking of being alone, which would require a bit too much effort for his desire. Nature Cat yet again wept, this time at the fact that Theodore did not bring any food. After she explained why she was upset, Theodore invited her yet again to eat from the ancient, disgusting abominations neglected in the refrigerator, to which Nature Cat declined again. "Can we get something from a restaurant, please?...", She asked. "Ok, from where?" "How about McDonald's?" "Fine... Wanna come with me?" "YES!", Nature Cat exclaimed, most eager to escape her sensory depravation. They left. Upon recieving the food, Nature Cat said the appropriate bracha, and when she was done, as she was especially grateful for this meal, she said Birkas Hamazon. Bedtime (which is at 2:15 AM): After saying "Ok, goodnight!", Nature Cat took off her dress and got in bed. When she awoke Theodore was already gone. This she liked mostly, as she would get to spend less conscious time alone. She had no money, so she called her sister Rose, and asked her to deliver her food, preferably pizza. She agreed. 40 minutes later, Rose arrived, with a very, very large pizza. Nature Cat wished Rose a blessing, and then she went back inside to feast. Within three minutes, she already ate two-and-a-half decently sized slices. After two more, she got her home-printed "siddur" and said Birkas Hamazon. After that, off to [permitted] Torah study she went! After THAT, she took a nap like she did the previous day. Later, as she awoke, she remembered that she would be having a date in now only two days. This reinvigorated her. A major reason for which she barely ever went outside was that it was summer, and where she was it was always unbearably hot, even at nighttime. Several hours later: Theodore arrived again, saying "Hi, Nature Cat!" She responded, saying "Hello..." She cried yet once more and Theodore said "Well, I know dad is in retirement already, so... uh... you could stay over at his house..." "Ok..." "Should I take you over there now?" "No... Let's do it later, if you can..." "Ok." Nature Cat very rarely spoke to Theodore with any other expressions than sadness or emotionlessness. Two days later: By then Nature Cat was at her father' house, much more happy than she was at Theodore's house. She asked her father if he could take her to see Jack, and he indeed could, having nothing else scheduled. The location was a french restaurant. When Nature Cat arrived, she immediately noticed Jack and said goodbye to her father. "Hi!", eagerly said Nature Cat. Jack said "Hello." He was a manly, bearded man, but also a very humble, Torah-following gentleman. "Well, umm... I don't know what to talk about...", said Nature Cat. "Really, I don't either..." "Ok... Oh, well, I suppose you're rather handsome..." "Thank you." "I'm sorry but I don't think I will have much interesting to say..." "Ok... Ah! How did you become a Noachide?" "My brother showed me a video by Mr. Oren Evron called-" "'Math Unveil-'" "YES! That one!" "I used to be a Christian-" "Just like me!" "I see... Anyway, I realised at one point that there is no evidence to support the 'New Testament' and that there is Torah-based evidence against it." "Agreed!" "Yep..." Nature Cat ate a very large quantity of the appetizer bread. "Ah, you know, this is the only clothes– piece of clothing– that I wear or have worn pretty much ever..." "Ah wow!" "Indeed..." "Why do you not wear any other clothes?" "Everything else is uncomfortable..." "I see... Well you do look rather beautiful in this..." "Oh, thank you!" After much further discussion and ingestion, they both left to go to Jack's apartment. "Oh dear... Even this– well, I call it a dress– is feeling a bit uncomfortable right now..." "Uh... Oh dear indeed..." Nature Cat took a tour of the apartment. "Quite the fine apartment you have!", she said. "Yeah, it's pretty sweet.", Jack said. "Oh! Here's a good question! Why is your name Nature Cat?" "Umm... I don't really know..." "I like it!" "Most people think it's stupid..." "Foolish that is!" Nature Cat laughed. "And not to mention onaas devarim perhaps", continued Jack. "Agreed... Anyway, quite a 'cool dude' I think you are..." "Aw, thanks! You're also pretty cool!" Nature Cat laughed again. "I know we've just met, but may I sleep here?", asked Nature Cat. "Ok, that sounds cool." "Yay!... Can I sleep in your bed as well?" "Um... Alright!" "Yay!" Nature Cat had already informed him previously during their stay at the restaurant that she sleeps naked. "I want to go to sleep now..." Nature Cat said. "Me too." "Alright." Nature Cat took off her dress, they got in bed, and Jack told Nature Cat that she looked beautiful. "Thank you!", she said. One sleeping session later: Nature Cat, after getting dressed, said "As I imagine you know, it is nonideal to be in a relationship when not married." "Yes." "So I suggest that, as is closer to the Jewish way of... uh... whatever it is called, we get married without having known each other very long." "Wonderful idea! I do believe this is not uncommon for Noachides." "I do not know how to arrange a mariage, so why don't you be the one to do it– the arranging?" "Ok." "Also, I'd like to go home now." "Alright, I'll take you." Jack drove Nature Cat to her father's house and they said goodbye. Nature Cat rushed in and announced that she would be getting married soon. "Your mother always wanted to live to the day that you'd get married...", her father said. "I know..." She had died only several months ago from a heart attack. Wedding day: For this monumentous occasion, Nature Cat decided to dress differently... By wearing BOTH of her dress straps on her shoulders... Anyway, the only attendants were Nature Cat and Jack's parents (except for Nature Cat's mother, obviously), and Nature Cat's siblings. She went forth to see Jack, the marriage officiant asked if they both accepted marriage, they agreed, and they hugged. After this, all the guests went home after hugging their newly wedded family, Jack began taking Nature Cat back to his apartment, and Nature Cat began wearing her dress normally. Once Jack & Nature Cat arrived home, Nature Cat asked if Jack had any occupation. "Yes, I do, of course." "Oh, right... I forgot people have jobs..." Nature Cat wept. "What is the problem?" Nature Cat explained the reason for which she so despaired. She then suggested that she could have Jack drop him off at her father's house before work, and that when he's done working, he can pick her up again. He agreed. Today was not a work day, but tomorrow was. "So, do you need to bring any of your possessions here?", asked Jack. "Umm... No, actually..." "I was not expecting that answer!" Nature Cat laughed. "Anyway, I must say that I already love living here. It's wonderful." "Wow, and this is just the second time you've been here!" "Yep!" Nature Cat put her right arm down and her right dress strap fell. Being that now no straps supported the dress, it fell off, revealing her naked body. "Beautiful!", said Jack. "Thanks..." "Although because your dress is a bit transparent, and you slept here naked recently, I already know what you look like naked; this is, however, the clearest view yet..." "Oh yeah... I remember you calling me beautiful once I undressed last time..." "Oh, right." "Anyway, my dress has actually fallen like this quite a few times..." "I see..." "Yeah..." Next morning: "Good morning, Nature Cat!" "Good morning." "Get ready, we have to leave soon." "Ok." Nature Cat got in Jack's car, and she told him the address to her father's house. Five minutes later: "Well, because that was such a short ride, I got plenty of time to kill." "Cool." They knocked on the door. Nature Cat's father opened it and said "Why hello there! What brings you here today?", to which Jack said "I have to go to work, so I'm dropping Nature Cat off here, and I will get her at about 7:00." "Ok!", said her father. 20 minutes later: "Bye!", said both Nature Cat and her father, to which Jack responded "Bye as well!" Nature Cat played several games before Jack arrived, such as 20 Questions (in fact, a variation of which called Infinite Questions) and Yahtzee. 6:00: Jack knocked on the door, and Nature Cat ran to meet him. "Yay, you're back!!!" "Hello, Nature Cat." They said goodbye to her father and went back home. At home: "Would you mind if I requested that you take off your dress right now? I'd like to see you naked again.", asked Jack. "I can certainly do that!" "Thanks!" Nature Cat released her right dress strap. Yet again was her beautiful naked body revealed (though her dress was so transparent [or one could just look down it, as Nature Cat doesn't wear a bra] that Jack could already see her breasts if close enough). "Soon, are you gonna want to... have sex?...", asked Jack. "YES! I would love to! Not today, though." "Wonderful." Nature Cat went to sit next to Jack. Jack stared at her breasts for a while with her permission. "Very beautiful! Anyway, you can put on your dress if you'd like now..." Nature Cat felt honored to have her breasts stared at and to be called 'very beautiful'. "Ok!" Nature Cat walked back to the dress, and now Jack could see her beautiful back. She picked up the dress with her back facing Jack, so he got to see... umm..... Anyway, he laughed. Nature Cat laughed as well. Nature Cat put on the dress. Later that night: "I wanna go to sleep...", she said. "I'm also a bit tired. Alright." "Yay!" They got in bed and after 18 minutes of Nature Cat being unable to fall asleep (despite the fact that she was tired and had went a very long time without sleep), she woke up Jack and said "Umm.... Uhm... I can't sleep..." "There's nothing I can do; sorry..." "Ok..." She began to cry. "