The Evil "Progressives"

April 18, 2022

There are those who call themselves "progressives." Whether they be elites or commonfolk, they seem think of themselves as messiahs of progress and morality, bringing the world ever-closer to some idealized utopia (I think that's actually kinda true, because every step the worldwide culture takes in the direction of evil and lies, the worldwide destruction and punishment God is gonna dish out to the wicked gets closer and closer. I think there's absolutely no hope for humanity at large, so I say: bring it!). [ I should mention how they treat black people and "minorities" unfairly better than the EVIL white, Christian males, whom they constantly hate upon and deride (now they're just beating a dead horse, over and over again), they call it 'social ""justice.""'] They must ALWAYS be pushing for more "social progress" and never stop, even when their unfair demands (for said "social progress") are met again and again and again.
Now, it should be clear what all this "progress" is toward: an idealized dystopia where God is completely thrown out (except, perchance, to use in empty lip-service while, in actuality and in deed, there is utterly no fear or respect for God at all) in favor of the terrifying agenda of certain completely immoral humans.
So, what can one do to support the side of good and morality and truth and God? Firstly, don't be passive about the evil, at all. [There's also a horrible form of evil which very well might make up the majority: those who just "go with the flow," with whatever the majority is doing. They just support "the current thing," regardless of what it is. They follow the herd, but truly have little idea of why. This form of evil is caused by being an idiot, someone who doesn't think, just accepts. They may be passionate about the direction they're letting the wind blow them, but they couldn't care less to have a reason why. If it weren't for such people, I don't believe we'd have had to deal with the "covid" fear epidemic, and no-one would care what's (allegedly) going on in Ukraine.] Not only hate the evil and lies in your mind, but also show that in actions. And know what a horrible folly the idea that one should keep such disapproval of evil to themselves because "it's just a personal religious belief." Just because it has to with God (the only real source of morality anyway), it still, oh, most certainly, can be true, objectively (and isn't God the ultimate source of objectivity?).
If someone wants you to bow to their idols (such as by verbally expressing approval of or, worse, passively marching at a "pride parade" for illicit sexual relations), refuse to. If they call you some sort of "phobe," it's just a vacuous insult instead of a rational argument, and you should be proud of having a "phobia" of evil. Anyway, lastly, whenever there's an oppurtunity to oppose evil, take it up.
So, back to the "progressives." They think that they will forever change history, that they will irreversibly set the world down their wicked, anti-God path. They idolize themselves and their ideals. But, despite calling themselves "progressive," they will only be around for a tiny blip of the timeline of the world. God will prevent their horrible ideas from reaching their ultimate peak, and they will be no more. God and his standards are eternal, and their "progressive" ideas just won't stand the test of time.
So, God willing, I'll get to witness the destruction of this giant, worldwide empire of evil that is working as I speak (or, write) to overthrow God, in vain, of course.