Random Torah Ideas

For all the ideas that have only enough substance to take up a couple sentences

The word Suf in the name Yam Suf (Yud-Mem Samekh-Vav-Fay) literally means End, because the Jews fully stopped being slaves to Pharaoh after Kerias Yam Suf[1]. Also, of course, the Yam Suf is where they where temporarily at a dead end, forced to wait for Hashem to split it.

My name's gematria is 877, the same as the word for whoredom (from Yechezkel 16:26[2]), and as my name revealed, I did many sexual sins, like seed-wasting, at length staring at beautiful women, and others... My yeitzer hara is of course very powerful for sexual sins. This shows how we prophetically name our babies. I have stopped doing these sins (B'ezrat Hashem) and so I will in time change my outworn name (B'ezrat Hashem).

The number 1948 is a very significant number. In the Jewish year 1948, Avram was born. In the Gregorian year 1948, the state of Israel was founded. The Jewish year 1948 times two (3896; the Gregorian year 135-136 CE) was the year that, according to Wikipedia (on the page for the year 135), "A Jewish diaspora begins, as Emperor Hadrian bars Jews from Jerusalem, and has survivors of the massacre dispersed across the Roman Empire. Many join Mediterranean ports. Jerusalem is renamed Colonia Aelia Capitolina, in honor of Hadrian. Legio VI Ferrata rebuilds the legionary fortress in the city, and constructs a Roman temple at Golgotha. An altar to Jupiter is erected, on the site of the Temple in Jerusalem." Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Ishmael, Simon Bar Kokhba, and Yehudah Ben Dama all died in the year 3896. As for 3896 on the Gregorian calendar, we have not yet reached that year (at the time of writing ;). I could not find any information about the year 974 (1948 divided by two) on the Jewish calendar. However, regarding 974 on the Gregorian calendar, there was a Christian rule in spain that began that year, that heavily affected the Jews[3].

As said in Michah 15:7, there will be similar miacles before Moshiach to those of the redemption from Mitzrayim. As said here, this will include plagues similar to those from the original redemption from Mitzrayim. Shemos 11:1: "The Lord said to Moshe, 'I will bring one more plague upon Pharaoh and upon Egypt; afterwards he will let you go from here. When he lets you out, he will completely drive you out of here.'" This refering to the plague of death. The coronavirus is the modern equivalent. The coronavirus fully kicked off in April, Nissan, the month of the tenth plague of Mitzrayim (and the month of redemption). This is what Shemos 11:1 is refering to. However, what is the head of the months on the Gregorian calendar? January (Also, the Chasidic Rosh Hashanah, the "birthday" of the Chasidic movement, is on Kislev 19, which is December 5). What ends in January? Christmas. What holiday will be canceled from Covid? Christmas. Do Jews (good Jews) celebrate Christmas? No. The tenth plague of Mitzrayim did not kill any Jews, so thus the affliction from Christmas being canceled will not affect [good] Jews. Hence, the Jews will be "passed over" (Pesach). Thus was the connection I made to the original redemption, and the final redemption. Teves 2, 5781: A while after writing that I realized that in Shemos 12:3, it says that on the tenth of the month (of Nisan), a family should take a lamb (to mock the Egyptian god). The tenth of the month of Teves 5781 is December 25, Christmas. And there is a Christian idea of the "lamb of G-d" (which is regarding Jesus' death, which is... Easter).

Another connection of the current exile to the exile in Mitzrayim: Firstly, the gematria of America is 356, 24 less than 380 (Mitzrayim). These words (there are more, but these are the relavent ones) have a numerical value of 24: enmity (as in Bereshis 3:15), sin (ches-tes-alef-vav), "And Iyov (Job)" who likely lived in Mitzrayim, enemy, flee, triumph, and afflict. Also, if you rearrange the letters of United States Of America, you can get "Mitsrai" which is Mitzrayim, missing one letter.

(I will start dating my new additions to this page) Kislev 18, 5781: Bereshis 25:6 relates how Avraham sent his children to the east and gave them gifts. Tradition says that these gifts were spiritual wisdom. Eventually, these children's descendants became the Hindus. Avraham taught these children about G-d's oneness, and despite the polytheistic beliefs being the main focus of Hinduism, they still somewhat have a concept of a unity from which all originates: the creator god, Brahmah. In fact, if you rearrange the letters of Avraham (the letter Beis making both a V and a B sound), you get Bramah (interesting how they name their creator god after their father). Their sun god is called Surya, which is similar to Avraham's previous wife Sarai/Sara. I can personally see a correlation between Sara and the sun...

Shevat 15, 5781: A week ago, at Joe Biden's inauguration, Amanda Gorman read her wonderful poem, and when I finally heard the poem, I noticed several Moshiach-related lines. These lines are of course, literal Tanach passages that speak of the era of Moshiach! How obvious of a sign could we get? But surprisingly, I saw absolutely no-one even mention these parts of the poem (I still can't find anyone speaking of the relation of this to Moshiach, even after a quick google search), but indeed, Moshiach is coming, and may that be very soon!

Shevat 15, 5781: I have noticed that the very wicked rashaim in the hedge fund bussiness are getting punished as well, in the wonderful year of 5781!