so i had an idea for a battle cats level. here it is

SAL-Indrical Bomb

Salicide Bomber (Merciless)

Enemies Appearing:

Bomber Sal (%100)

Level Structure:

The level's base is a Doge Cannon that shoots every minute. The level length is very short, filling barely more than half the screen. The cat limit is 2, requiring you to have picked the highest DPS cats you have. 2 seconds after the level starts, Bomber Sal spawns. Bomber Sal's range is more than the level length, so as soon as he spawns, he starts his attack. His attack takes 3:30 minutes to finish, and once it finishes, the cat base is destroyed. Bomber Sal is a variant of Big Sal that lights a bomb that eventually explodes. He is immune to all negative effects, like knockback, freeze, weaken, cat cannon, sniper the cat, and more. The goal of the level is to kill Bomber Sal before his 3:30 minute long attack happens.


The strategy is to spawn a basic cat (or Maglev Cat) after Bomber Sal spawns (not before, because the boss shockwave usually causes the cat to stay alive after the Doge Cannon shot, and the cat limit is 2, so this can't happen) to shoot the Doge Cannon. It fires once every minute, and Bomber Sal's attack takes 3:30 minutes to happen, so the Doge Cannon will fire 4 times while Bomber Sal is alive. This means that we should have 2 to 4 (depending on recharge time) highest DPS attackers. I recommend (no gacha which is not advised at all) Awakened Bahamut (must have for this level), Ururun Cat, and Musashi. Other than that, it requires ubers.