Submission To Public "School" Authorities

January 4, 2022

(This post will contain some pretty unorthodox positions, as well as references to some people as "sheep," and some less-than-respectful references to the LGBTQ movement. Be warned that this ain't going to be to sugar-coated.)
(Thank God for allowing me to write this; I'm pretty happy with it, overall.)
I've been reading a lot of shit from other anarchists (such as from Seven Laws Blog UK, and The Truth About The Law) recently, "winter vacation" ends in about a week, and public school treats "students" like children, slaves, and prisoners. I'm not a fan of bullshit "authorities," people who use force and coercion to make commands and demands, so I would like to stop listening to the commands from my "superiors" at school.
(All of these are real ordinances given at school.)
"Sit down!"
"Stop talking!"
"No running in the halls!"
"No standing in the rain! You'll get wet!" (As if they can decide for me if I want to be wet or not.)
"NO PHONES!!!" (They really care about that commandment more than most of the others, and they'll "confiscate" [euphemism for "steal"] any phones seen.)
"You can't go to the bathroom now! You should have gone during 'nutrition' or 'lunch!'" (You're supposed to go during prison recess, or during the SIX minute periods between classes. Absolute fucking bullshit.)
"Wear your mask!"
"No skipping 'class!'"
"Sit in your assigned seat! That's not your seat!"
Anyway, before I go on about my planned disobedience, I'll talk more about the concentration camp (it fits the definition), I mean "school."
So, if you walk around the offices in the main hallway of the "school," you'll see a lot of "school pride" bullshit and similar shit, essentially propaganda. Speaking of propaganda, there's a fair share of LGBT-such-and-such-propaganda and even an LGBT-and-so-forth "pride club."
And when the bell rings, the hordes of people obediently flow forth like sheep to wherever their "commander" ordains them to go.
And the "curriculum": they pretend to teach "critical thinking," yet it is obvious they haven't taught me almost anything about logic, reason, logical fallacies, evidence (they've taught a bit of that, though, but too little), or the scientific method (in FUCKING "SCIENCE CLASS," where all they do is repeat assertions, many of which have yet to be proven to me, like germ theory, spherical Earth, the theory of evolution, etc.). But they do teach things like "American history," and about how "great" the "founding fathers" and the "Constitution" are. The "history" they teach is always biased toward their political agenda, as well. When they "teach" things, they ALMOST NEVER provide evidence for them. Indoctrination.
Finally, though I don't believe in "human rights," isn't it supposed to be a violation of said "human rights" to ristrict people's movement, like in "school" (or regular prisons, for that matter), where "students" are forbidden from leaving unless a "parent or guardian" picks them up?
Anyway, finally, as I don't care for the "authorities" beyond their coercion and some other reason(s)... I'll stop listening to them like prophets telling commands of God, and start emphasizing my autonomy and individuality.
"You're only 14 years old! You're just a kid!"
I would not call someone over 12 or 13 a "kid."
And, by God's laws, a person is responsible starting at about 12 or 13 (at least for Israel's laws.. No, I think puberty is the start of responsibility [and hence, adulthood] for gentiles, as well).
Also, that would be the "argumentum ad hominem" fallacy, which is where a person attacks the person making a claim instead of the claim itself. I got logic and reasoning to back up this anti-"authority" stance.
What an infantilizing comment!
Anyway, yes, I will not submit unquestioningly to the "school authorities." I hate the government, and public concentration cam- I mean, schools, are another facility of the government. The way in which the government impinges on my life at the moment is mostly through its "schools," so disobedience in "school" is how I may stand up to the government, for now, and how I may practice standing up to the government for when I'm older.
Lastly, I'll tell a bit more about the "school":
They have (as with other "schools" in the district) three statements that they like to command the "children" with: "Be safe; Be respectful; Be responsible." And they have everyone recite them at their occasional assemblies where one of the main tyrants (the "dean"/"principal") speaks speeches about obedience and following the tyrants.
And this "dean," the head tyrant at the "school," is fairly kind often, such as to me. But kindness does NOT equal righteous. I will judge the "dean" with fairness (yet another application of the law of "Dinim"/Justice!).