Haim Shore's "Ancient Scientist" Conspiracy Theory Debunked

Written on Shevat 27, 5781 (Febuary 9, 2021)

A prerequisite for reading this article is watching this video.

So my favorite evidence of G-d's "existence" is this wonderful movie produced by Oren Evron (linked above), most of the findings of which were discovered by Professor Haim Shore. He has found many correlations between Hebrew words and scientific values, and despite this, he believes/believed in this conspiracy theory that the ancient Jews were advanced scientists (I do in fact, believe that he has stopped believing in this conspiracy theory as of now, but I will still debunk it!) The extent of values these ancient Jews knew include atomic weights and Earth's mass, to name a small, small portion of them. In this article I will meticulously debunk this conspiracy theory, to a much higher degree than is usual on this site.
1: The prophets thought the Earth was flat[1] (The shape of the Earth is irrelevant to their prophetic message, however, so this does not disprove the Bible's divinity). This should not be the case if the ancient Jews were scientists, so why do the unprophetic parts of the Bible reflect the common unscientific ideas of the time? Hmmm...
2: There is no evidence of this conspiracy. One might expect that there would be many archaeological findings related to ancient Jewish scientists, and yet there has not been a single example of ancient Jewish post-iron-age technology. There would also need to be sufficient technology to find the atomic weights of various elements, but none of this fantastical technology has been unearthed, with this theory remaining in the realm of pseudohistory.
3: The first atomic weight was discovered in 1803 (at least 2300 years after this supposed conspiracy took place), which required an industrial revolution. Where is the evidence for this industrial revolution? There is none. The only technology from that era that has been discovered are very, very primitive iron-age technologies that contradict the fantastical industrial-revolution-era technology that Haim Shore indirectly claims existed. Also, where did any of this knowldge about science go? Poof! It vanished, almost like it never existed in the first place.
4: There is no conceivable reason that I can imagine for this conspiracy being enacted. Why would these ancient Jews meticulously hide scientific findings in the language they spoke, only to completely remove any traces of this knowledge outside their untrue holy book? The answer is that this is simply the wrong explanation for these findings and any attempt to reconcile this theory with reality results in the creation of major hoops one must leap over...
5: This theory is equally as falsifiable as claiming it was teleporting, time traveling aliens, and both theories have a major conflict with evidence and any science, really, at all. No reason do I believe has been provided for accepting this theory instead of anything else. This is just extreme wishful thinking. However, there is one theory that requires no giant hurdles to believe in, the theory that it was G-d who did it!
6: Philosophical razors can be applied here, such as Occam's razor, which shaves off any explanation of fantastical aliens or baseless claims of a conspiracy, by merely explaining it with G-d, which is what the Torah's plain interpretation of the text shows; why would these ancient scientists also create a fictional god character?
7: He has not nearly met the burden of proof; not a single piece of evidence has been provided for his extraordinary claim. This is, like I said earlier, just wishful thinking.
8: Haim Shore cherrypicks evidence [2] (I'm too lazy to find particularly great predictions, but here's an example), and asserts that when the Torah predicts events, these are mere coincidences (and has refered to them as """""just what they are, coincidences"""""), simply to fit with his preexisting conspiracy theory, which also is in direct contradiction with the scientific method.
9: Most of the Torah sounds more fantastical than scientific (there is no contradiction with the Torah and science, however), sounding much more akin to ancient holy books than to a book many conspired to hide science in.
10: How did these iron-age people manage to create any remotely advanced technology at all, disregarding the lack of evidence for this event? Perhaps it was aliens! There is no explanation for this, obviously.
11: The knowledge of science was not passed down to later Jewish generations, nor to other neighboring societies. How was this immense scientific knowledge, that was likely formed over hundreds of years, simply forgotten?
Conclusion: This theory is a mess, with uncountable irreparable cracks forming after every minute observation, and numerous unanswered questions forming, when the theory that it was G-d requires none of this. I hope this article was deeply entertaining, hearing about a crazy conspiracy theory, and watching its slow, painful destruction. I do mostly debunks on this website, all of them as of writing about the Torah. Have a great day, and G-d bless you!