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The Poops Game

A man named Assbutt, morality-hater and leader of the 1001 population nation of Assland was hoping to claim ownership of two poop-storing toilets,filled each throughout seven days of pooping, from the very large and successful nation, Bardelbee. His poops, as he explained later to the queen, are "akin to that of rabbits". So thus did Assbutt go out in search of Bardelbee's toilets, to no success. Behold, however, that he had located the queen of Bardelbee, whose name was Bedelia. He assked (pun intended) her to grant him the toilets, but she declined. He insisted that she grant him the toilets, lest he begin using force. And behold, she had yet still refused to grant this man the toilets! He finally resorted to physical warfare, initially consisting merely of just themselves. They wrestled on through the day, for hours and hours refusing to grant the other party's wishes. They began to calm down a bit, and eventually she took him on a long journey through the desert, to a ProFlo(R) toilet. Immediately, Assbutt noticed that specifically the toilet's label stated, "This is a regular toilet, and does not store poops." Assbutt refused to give in to this scam. Thus she took him to a poop storing toilet, however, in which the poops were only of horses. He, in anger said, "First you take me to the wrong kind of toilet, and now to the wrong kind of poop!" She took him to a toilet of both the wrong type itself, and of the wrong kind of poop. He was angry. She then took him to yet another ProFlo(R) toilet, which did not store its poop. He almost slapped her. He demanded to see the exact toilets that he specified. She said that Bardelbee did not possess such toilets. He knew that this was a lie, and even cited the many Bardelbee poop-storing toilet pooping videos on youtube. She was finally beat. She yet continuted denying him of the toilets.