The World Of Lies: Whose Fault? (And More Thoughts)

April 5, 2022

It's easy to discover the evil and deception of the elites and the government(s), and then to end up thinking that humanity is like a poor, innocent child, in the hands of an evil, horrible abuser, with no ability to escape their tormentor's clutches... Whereas, in reality, it's just as much the fault of the populace(s) as it is of the government(s)..
Don't belive me? Let me focus on just one example of a lie the government(s) and elites want us so much to believe, the "covid" hoax. I am no super-human or prophet, and yet I discovered how irrational the lie is on my own, via research and thought (which, according to the elites, is evil and dangerous). Basically everyone, in fact, has the ability and potential to discover the fraud of "covid" (and of "virology"). So, what, then, would happen if everyone suddenly became rational, thinking human beings, and discovered that "covid" is a lie? Would the lie keep being propagated? Maybe for a little while, but eventually the elites would just give up after everyone refused to convert to the cult again. And the plebs would have won a victory over the elites! The only thing stopping the elites from losing power or being punished is that almost no one cares about the truth and about standing up for it.
Everyone is made in the image of God, and, thus, is expected to make rational, intelligent descisions, and to discern the truth. It's only by people-as-a-whole's failing to live up to this standard (of God) that the truth keeps being deprecated more and more, as if it's like dirt, but if dirt could lower in value even more.
Nowadays, when truth is so rare and hard-to-find (be it about the fact that God created the world and commanded humanity seven laws, or about the "covid" lie; any types of facts or truths), it is like gold or diamond (there is such a surplus of diamond somewhere, that, if a certain diamond company so desired, at least as I have heard once, it could be made nigh-worthless [I imagine that is quite an exageration of the actual amount of diamons in the world, but the analogy stands]), which must be searched for and mined for. All the dirst and filth and shit is at the surface, and all the gold and gemstones and precious metals are hidden, far beneath the surface-level. And it's the like the masses just eat all the dirt and garbage, and they don't notice the real nice stuff that they just have to search for.
It takes much less effort, apparently, to just sit down and let yourself be washed away by the current of garbage and crap, than to stand up and take it head-on, swimming in the correct direction.
[Edit from April 12, 2022:] I think the current generation is engaged in a worldwide war, between those fighting God and truth, and those who fear God and value truth. And I think this war is the beginning of the Final War between good and evil.]
I don't have much hope for most of humanity as it is now...