About This Site

"About page" revamped on December 28, 2021

I used to have a very different page here instead, but it was a very outdated description of me and this website (which is still visibile in the html of this page, commented out). I also claimed I was not a "young-Earth creationist." Currently, I do again accept the traditional Jewish aging of the universe. And my unorthodox positions don't stop there! Here are some others: I think that God's basic (there's much more beyond this, but this is the minimum level that a human must live at to deserve to be alive) moral standard for gentiles is the seven ("Noahide") laws, given to Noach; I don't accept the spherical Earth idea; I am unsure of whether or not viruses cause disease and that vaccines are effective; and more!
A very large amount of my ideas have been inspired by Seven Laws Blog UK, and so much so that it may seem like I'm a sheep who can't think for himself. But I do agree with said website on so many issues, just because I thought independantly, myself, about the ideas, after reading about them.
One such very unorthodox position that I thought about because of said website is that government shouldn't exist, and that all the current governments are evil and unjust. I think that is true, based on the seven laws and from my own thought (but I figured out some relevant ideas from reading said website). I could go into why I think that, but I will not here.
So, the purpose of this website is partially to write my thoughts about things publicly. And these "things" are mostly: God, the seven laws, and any other ideas that I have that tie into such subjects.
Now, the personal side of this (who am I?):
I'm a gentile, a non-Jew, who is currently 14 years old (named Simon Behling), someone who is old enought to be responsible for actions morally, and someone with whom a marriage should be valid (I don't think being a "pedophile" is always bad). I'm also currently living through the public school experience, a government-theft-funded obedience and indoctrination prison. It's pretty (like, very) horrible, the state of affairs of the governments and society, and it's still hard to handle how shitty it is, even with the idea that it is a punishment for society for being unjust and sinful. "Because of the sins of a people, many are its rulers." - Proverbs (Mishlei) 28:2.
Anyway, I'm left to deal with this unjust, obedience-based prison (public school), and until I'm 18. God willing, the government will oppress me to a minimum for my life. But it is probably God's will that the opposite will happen. Well, I know God is just. I'm not like the idiot who mixes subjectivity with objectivity, claiming the suffering is unjust (from God).
Unrelated: I'm currently dealing with the animalistic desire called "love." [I really think the way I've been writing my web-content lately has sounded a lot like content from Seven Laws Blog UK, both in stylistic aspects and in ideas, but these truly are my own ideas and ways of writing stuff, now.] There's this human that I feel that sexual and "romantic" attraction to. And they (it's a female) don't seem too righteous. I've been feeling much more mature and wise lately (but, overall, I'm still a fool, compared to how wise/smart I will be in the future), on account of puberty, and I am wondering how I should approach this "love." I'd rather not act like an animal, just doing things purely for pleasure, but like a wise person, picking a smart choice. I don't think I should focus too much on this girl, though. God willing, I will find the best choice.
Oh, and finally, I run the YouTube channel, NiciesMan.
That's all.