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(Which, I believe, means "blessed is the name" (referring to the name of God) in Hebrew)

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Thank God that I have this website (and that I know how to make one).


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(Joke) The Book Of The Wise Reigon Sages
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Should One Attribute Motivation to Hashem?

Commentary on Cheshvan 7 Torah Portion, 5781

G-d Does Not Let Bad Things Happen: The Holocaust (Article is a Work In Progress)

Random Torah Ideas (That Are Too Small To Deserve An Entire Article Dedicated To Them)

The Torah's Flood Story Was Not Impossible

Debunking Professor Dave's "Disproof" of Torah's Divinity

The Torah is NOT Anti-Evolution (Part 1 of a Series)

Were the Luminaries Created After the Plants? (Part 2 of a Series)

The Agonizing Endgame of Waiting For Moshiach

Is G-d A Narcissist?!?

Breaking the Stick: Examining A Classic Anti-Torah Double-Bind

Torah Codes and the U.S. Capitol Seige

Does the Big Bang Disprove G-d!?!

Encyclopedia of Bible-Criticisms

Haim Shore's "Ancient Scientist" Conspiracy Theory Debunked

A Debunk of Yaron Reuven

The Hebrew Name for Horse

Shop Pseudo-Qabalah Healing Center

Drinking Games

QualiaSoup's Anti-Torah Gish Gallop

Noachide Law #1: the Prohibition of Idolatry

Stunning Usage of Circular Reasoning (Torah Denialism Debunk)

Noachide Law #2: the Prohibition of Cursing Hashem

The "Frum" Heretic Debunking Zone

[This website's "modern era":]

Disorders and Free-Will

Autism as an Idol

Becoming A "Conspiracy Theorist"

Erroneous Attempts at Proving Viruses Cause Disease

Defending Immoralities From Autistic People: The Return

More Positive, I Guess

Even More About Autism: Failing To Live Consistently In The Image Of God

What The Fuck Is A "Human Right?"

"Love": How To Proceed?

Sumbission To Public "School" Authorities

"Love" 2: The Return

An Expression Of Gratitude

Credentials Over Arguments

Desire Should Not Be The Basis For Marriage (A Lesson To Be Learned From The Prohibition Of Homosexual Sex)

The World Of Lies: Whose Fault? (And More Thoughts)

The Evil "Progressives"


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